Winding and tempering of springs is made from one heating to a temperature of 900 o C in a special oven. The heating time may range from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the diameter of the rod blanks of the spring.
The winding of the springs from the heated rods in the production of small series lead on the lathe, screw-cutting lathe equipped with a special device for winding. Wound the spring is fed into the quenching drum, the rotational speed of which is determined taking into account the time required for a hardening spring that is determined by the diameter of the rod.
If from the point of view of technology fails to temper the spring from one heating after coiling it reheated for quenching. With mass production of springs of heating and quenching can be mechanized by installing next to the furnace quench tank and conveyor.
As a quenching medium is water at a temperature of about 40oC, and transformer oil at a temperature not higher than 60oC.
To improve mechanical properties and eliminate internal stresses after quenching are subjected to a spring vacation in a belt furnace. Interval between quenching and tempering shall not exceed four hours. Vacation is carried out at a temperature in the range of 480-520оС. Cooling springs are in water whose temperature does not exceed 100o C and the air indoors.
Residual deformation of the spring after quenching and annealing is removed after cooling of the metal with a single compression to the contact of the coils with aging in a few seconds.