You will need
  • - an electric drill;
  • - needle files;
  • - cloth to the hacksaw.
Rammer in the factory performance misses the shot some amount of air past the barrel, and when shooting I can even feel the blow from the rifle in the face. Naturally, these losses affect the power of the rifle.
To resolve the fault, remove the bolt, twist the limiter rod, and pull it out of the breech and the rammer spring.
Clamp the thin part of the rod in the Chuck of a drill.
Now at a distance of 1.5–2.0 mm thick from the beginning of its parts with the help of a needle file or hacksaw for metal protocide 2-3 grooves with a depth of approximately 0.5-0.6 mm. the Distance between them make about 2 mm. Note that the closed rammer all grooves must be in the chamber as a whole.In the groove insert the rubber washer, for example, cut from the inner tube. To make them easier to put on rammer and they could slip, lubricate these rubber rings oil.
The sharp edge of the breech can cut the rubber, so the breech pre-process with a round needle file so that the rammer is moved freely in the cylinder. The turning of sawdust can get into the barrel and the cylinder. To prevent this, put in the trunk a piece of cotton wool from the breech.
After sealing, you may have to replace the standard spring rammer.
To increase the power of the pneumatic rifle can replace the springs. Usually choose the appropriate diameter and length from the more advanced and expensive types of pneumatic or order the craftsmen to produce a spring with specified characteristics. As a rule, in this case, increase the wire diameter. However, if overdone, it can lead to the fact that the cuff will break, deteriorate the thrust of the piston, and as a result will drop the accuracy.
Use when shooting heavier bullets – this increases the flying range, and penetrating power of the shot.
Another secret: the skirt of the bullet to drip engine oil. This can be done in advance, nagotove from a few bullets that way. Oil will not spill, even if the bullet is in the tilted condition. The power of fire will increase due to greater sealing of the barrel thanks to the enveloping action of the oil.