To show more masculine qualities, be insistent and persistent, don't back down if she tries to impose their point of view. Explain that the house should be the master of man, not a woman. Remember, woman is by nature a weak creature and she needs a strong male shoulder, which will become her support. Even if a woman goes out of her way and proves that she is absolutely independent and self-sufficient, it just needs a strong man.
Don't get too fancy with your date. The excess can be: – abuse or actions that can somehow insult and belittle the manhood. To suppress at the root of this behavior. Behave properly, conform to the way "real" men. Woman in any case will not submit to that man, whom does not respect.
Remember how they behave in the East men. There all women are subordinate to men because they are with childhood instill this way of life. Men have there strong and courageous. Do not need certainly to copy their behavior, but to forget about what is "spineless."
Will blubyte. Do things that will speak volumes and prove that you are a good man and a real man. Give gifts, make surprises, keep a promise and not hurt her. She won't be able to resist the harsh conqueror, and at the same time sweet flavor.
Remind her, if you are Orthodox Christians what the Orthodox canons, the woman should obey the man, obeying him in everything. If the wife against the husband, then she commits a great sin.