Advice 1: How to attract women

What is the feminine appeal, to explain to anyone, as a rule, not necessary. We will focus on the attractiveness of the male. We can assume that the vast majority of men would not refuse such a tempting quality. However, they have not all representatives of the stronger sex. The rest will have to learn.
How to attract women
First of all, women cannot be ignored. You need to let them know that you are interested in communicating with them.
The next stage is to develop self-confidence. This is the main quality needed for men's attractiveness from the point of view of women. You should not act willfully - girls easily recognize insincerity. You can start with a simple exercise: talking to a girl, you should not take your eyes off. Gradually, shyness and embarrassment will recede into the background.
As pointed out by womenin many surveys, the second and crucial male quality - a sense of humor. The man who has achieved unfeigned laughter of the girls could be sure of her sympathy. In addition, she'll share the pleasant experience with your girlfriends.
Masculinity. You may not be as strong as an athlete, weightlifter, but are obliged to give their womene to understand that she has the ability to be weak and fragile.
Women still appreciate good manners, so easy to show off your good manners. Do not use profanity, if you are surrounded by girls. Follow the culture of food and don't forget to shake hands when leaving the transport.
A real man is always responsible for his words, so one of his main qualities – reliability. Do not give empty promises and show womenam that you are a responsible for himself and for his family. Man, you can rely on, will win the heart of women's of any age.
Beautiful ladies depressing ordinariness and routine. Men that stand out from the crowd, undoubtedly attract. Find such a quality that no one around you men. Perfect erudition, erudition and romance. Be careful - most of women committed to cleanliness and order.
Do not forget about generosity. The pettiness is horrible, especially if it relates directly to women's. Generosity is akin to generosity, therefore, this is excellent quality girls appreciate men of their dreams.
After reading this manual, you will possess the knowledge not only about what attracts men to women,Ah, but also about how to attract these mysterious creatures.

Advice 2 : How to attract girls

Women to like you is a natural desire for the young man. Some people do it without much conscious effort, for others it is necessary constantly to follow some rules. In these rules there is nothing supernatural, but they are really very effective.
How to attract girls
Always watch your appearance, be neat. Even though it seems trivial, do not underestimate the value of appearance. You should be neatly trimmed, your clothes should be clean and ironed. Try to dress stylishly. Always keep shoes. If you wear a suit, it needs to be properly matched.
Watch out for his speech. Even if everything in your environment is actively used profanity, including girls, be above it. The idea that this manner of speaking makes you "cooler" in the eyes of the girl is, to put it mildly, naive.
Remember simple rules of etiquette. Quite a lot of them, some of them are not quite appropriate looks in everyday life, but many are still very relevant, and you cannot ignore them. Here are some of them:
- walking with a girl, walk on the side of the sidewalk closer to the road;
- when you go to a girl house, club, restaurant, etc., help her to remove outer clothing;
- don't sit down at the table before the girl, move her chair for her;
if while Hiking a cold, and your girlfriend wears too easily, take a jacket or a jacket and put on her;
- always say goodbye after walking a girl home;
public transport always give up your seat to women;
- miss the girl forward, open the door for her;
- when meeting with friends, introduce him to the girl, and hers to him.
This is only some tips, but they are required, with their help, you will make a favorable impression on the girl.
Communication with the girl carefully listen to her, ask her, ask questions. Very good influence on the girls sense of humor of the interlocutor. But do not overdo it with jokes, some girls like serious young people, and humor is regarded as a light seasoning to the conversation.
Be confident. People, exuding confidence and easy charm girlsbecause subconsciously every girl is looking for in your cavalier a reliable support. Give her a sense of security.
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