To subjugate someone else's will, you need to have your own will was much stronger than someone subordinate. And this rule applies to everything you want to subdue the mind, strength and so on.
Previously successfully used physical torture, fear of pain, and it helped to subdue the people. Now there is a Constitution, where at the legislative level, we have the right to a life free of such torment. Therefore, the method of "torture and fear" is used only in criminal structures to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, the fashion is another way.
As we know, human there are five basic ways of perception of the world is the sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. With the right approach you can play on each of these senses separately or several at once. And with enough experience and knowledge it is possible to succeed. So, let's begin.
The sense of touch. Through touch we perceive the world. However, it can work against their masters. Among street crooks, there are the reception, which is conventionally called "performance anchors", ie the scammer says some text, but certain words touching the victim, thus putting her "anchor". In consequence of which the brain is disturbed for a moment, because of the overabundance of information, and it can stop controlling their actions.
The sense of smell. For people who have well developed body susceptibility of flavors, it's easy to influence the spirits. Generally use pheromones, as they are forced to "leap for joy" the blood in the brain of the attacks of endorphins and dopamine, plus may start sexual arousal. The brain will simply cease to perceive reality.
Hearing. Ordinary hypnosis or truck. Very common. Pretty reliable.
Vision. Unobtrusive gestures and the play of facial muscles capable of positioning the victim so that the limit of trust is almost inexhaustible. To the first deception.
Taste. There are psychotropic plants, a certain consistency that can cause a trance. And if the person entered into a trance, this is the perfect victim. In this condition, he can inspire a lot. But the list of these plants is prohibited for the "uninitiated".