Free ad apartment available on specialized sites such as or – it is enough to register. In addition, view the city's popular sites – some of them also have sections that allow registered users to post private ads, including real estate. If the site has the technical ability to upload a photo – use it, it greatly increases the interest in the ad.
Search social networks specialized community dedicated to buying and selling property in your area or town, it is possible that there will be your potential buyer. Do not forget to specify in the Declaration that you are the owner, not the agent – in this case, the chance of getting a response increases significantly.
Pay attention to the Newspapers free ads. In many regions, for example, publishes the newspaper "From hands in hands". Individuals are now able to submit ad for free – enough to cut out from the newspaper a special form, fill it and send to the editor. You can also use the Internet representation of the publication – an ad will be immediately after registration on the website.
Ads in specialized directories of real estate are normally taken for a fee. But if you are not against cooperation with real estate agencies, you can try to make the information about your apartment still appeared on the pages of the catalog. Call several agencies and without signing any contracts, just leave all the data about the apartment – the price, location, square footage, etc. This information will be recorded in the database of the company.