Advertisement start with specify the type of property (home, apartment, room, etc.), floor space and total usable area, number of rooms.
If you sell a private home, provide the square footage, give information about the presence of gas, water, sewage, heating systems. In that case, if the house is new or built indicate the year of erection. Add information about outbuildings, garage. If you have a garden, be sure to check it. In that case, if the house is sold in the village, report the nearest city. Would be great to have information on the availability of telephone, satellite television and Internet connection.
If sold, the apartment is a good repair, indicate this in the ad. Describe the type of bathroom may be shared or separate, to give information about the square footage of the kitchen and corridor. If the property is located in a good area, mark this as one of the advantages of the proposal.
Publish an announcement in local Newspapers. It can be both paid and free. The form is often printed in Newspapers, some publications accept ads by phone. Can submit an addirectly contacting the editor.
Use the services of local radio, paying a small amount and leaving the text editor.
Use Internet sites that publish information about the sale of real estate. Many of them do not require registration, some will have to register. In the proposed form, specify the region, city and all the information on the sold homes. When selling your private home, add a photo many sites with ads for the sale of real estate is allowed. Specify your asking price and contact details.
Contact the local Agency of the real estate. Most of them are free of charge advertise the sale, collecting money for services rendered with buyers of real estate. Some real estate offices offer to conclude the contract that you will not apply to other agencies of real estate, promising to return for more active promotion of the advertisement. When making any documents and agreements read carefully all paragraphs and footnotes, written in small print.
Quite an effective way of selling remains the posting of advertisement at the street stands. Posting should be done only in designated areas. As street ads quickly break down or are stuck with other ads, update them every few days.