If you are going to buy, and to sell or give an object, make some its qualitative photos from different angles. Reduce images in any graphical editor to 640x480 resolution. Make sure that all the files had a volume of less than 100 kilobytes. Then the image will be compatible with most electronic Bulletin boards.
Open the website of any search engine. Enter the following line: "free classifieds without registration". When the page loads with the search results, open them all in separate tabs of your browser. Exception make only for those resources which can only residents of certain cities (if you do live in the city that does not coincide with the specified site). Then go to the second page of search results, and then continue to open links in separate tabs, while their number will not be approximately 20.
On each tab, select the create a new ad. To do this, find on the website of the electronic Board the link "Add ad", "ad", "Create ad", etc. Should load the page with input fields name, phone number, e-mail addresses, main text. Some pages will also be buttons to add photos. If it is required to pre-select a section, select it. Make form with input fields appeared on all the tabs. For those that are to indicate the partition is on the same page as the form fields, select the appropriate drop-down menu items in advance.
For fast data duplication on all boards at the same time use the clipboard. First, complete manually, for example, the "Name" field. Then highlight the text, hit Ctrl-C, go to the same field in the next tab, followed by Ctrl-V. in the same way copy the text in the "Name" field on all other tabs. Similarly duplicate on all tabs information in other input fields.
To insert each of the pictures first hit in the first tab the first "Browse" button. Select the folder and then the file with the image, and then press OK. In the box to the left of the "Browse" button displays the full local path to the file. Copy it to the clipboard, as mentioned above, and then add the field to the left of the first "Browse" buttons on the remaining tabs. In the same way and paste the other images. Note that some of the sites allow you to post along with the announcement of fewer pictures than others.
Click on each of the tabs, the button "Place an ad". On some boards you will get a link to the announcement immediately, while others will have to wait for moderation. Check your email Inbox - with some of the sites you will automatically receive notification of successful advertising. Do not forget to periodically review in your mailbox folder "Inbox" and "Spam" - they can receive replies from people interested in your proposal.