Advice 1: How to send MMS on computer

Service multimedia message in our time is very popular. By using this service you can solve many tasks: to send a classmate a file with the answers to questions for exams, take pictures of any dress in the dressing room and send for approval to the husband... the mass of Options. However, from time to time the need arises to send MMS to computer. How can I do that?
How to send MMS on computer
Send MMS to the PC can be via Bluetooth technology, which is supported by all modern mobile phones. If the computer has no integrated Bluetooth, purchase in advance a special device, the cost is approximately 500 p.
Set the Bluetooth device to the computer. If you have an installation disk, insert it into the system unit to install the device drivers. After that, connect PC with mobile phone, with focus on the window that will appear on the computer monitor. Send the desired information from phone to PC.
You can also send MMS to computer using USB cable. To do this, insert the installation disc if it was supplied with a mobile camera. Following the instructions that will appear on the screen of the computer, install the device driver. Connect mobile phone to PC using USB cable.Now you can send the desired information from phone to PC.
The following method assumes the presence of card reader in the PC and memory card in the mobile phone. If you have it all in there, remove the memory card from mobile phone and paste to PC. Then download the information to a computer.
For the application of the fourth way - the ability to send MMS messages to email address - you need to:
- to connect a PC to the Internet;
- a mailbox (e-mail) from the user mailbox;
the positive balance on the SIM card;
connection GPRS service;
- set the send and receive MMS messages on your mobile phone.
Create a multimedia message in a mobile phone. As a recipient, specify the e-mail address (instead of a phone number). Send MMS.
Open the email in your Inbox where you will see the sent MMS message. You save the file to your computer. All MMS now on your computer.
It should be borne in mind that if you send MMS on PC by sending it on email, you will be charged as for a normal MMS message. The cost of this service you can check with your mobile operator. As a rule, it depends on the size of data transmitted from your phone.

Advice 2: How to enable MMS on your iPhone?

The most common causes of problems associated with working MMS on the iPhone, are incorrect network settings. Correct installation will help to enable this option and share picture and voice messages without any problems.
mms на iphone

Apple tried to simplify the customization process of their products, so to activate many of the settings on your smartphone and tablet just a click away.

First, you need to try to enable MMS on your iPhone by going to settings messages. The parameter "multimedia Message" must be activated. The same must be done with the option "Cellular data" in settings cellular iPhone. The smartphone must have Internet access. To check this, just turn on Wi-Fi, find the network and open a browser to any of the addresses.

mms на iphone

The next step is to reboot your device. Turn off the gadget, remove and reinsert SIM card, then turn on the device. Check for MMS on the iPhone. If you send a message and did not work, you should reset network settings.

mms на iphone

In order to restore the normal operation of the gadget, you must go to the main settings of your smartphone and download a "Reset". Then you need to reset the network settings. And again to turn off the gadget, remove and insert the SIM card in the phone and try to send MMS on the iPhone.

If the message is still not sent, you should clarify with your service provider, if you have activated the MMS service.

mms на iphone

Sending MMS messages is directly from messages. Just click on the icon camera, to make or to select the desired photo from your existing pictures on phone. The problem of sending an MMS on iPhone with proper tuning of the parameters can be explained by the greater weight of the picture or the wrong picture format. To do this you must open the full screen and make it a screenshot then the photo will appear in the album and will be available for submission.

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