Flies and their damage

To date, practically no residential homes that would not be honored by the presence of a natural disaster in the form of flies. Traditionally, the apartments can be detected such representatives mushin kind of gray meat fly, small cheese fly and the fly Drosophila. However, the most frequent visitor to human dwellings is the common housefly.

The structure of the flies implies the existence of a moving head with a flexible proboscis, which the fly licks and sucks liquid food.

The main danger of flies lies in their ability to carry on their legs a huge amount of harmful and pathogenic bacteria. Usually flies love to "graze" in landfills, crawling through debris and feces, and then they fly in the house and sit down for food, inadvertently left on the table. The person who ate the fly-a fly a fruit or vegetable can easily pick up an intestinal infection or other disease.

How to destroy flies

In urban apartments and offices to poison the flies is quite simple. Usually the cost of a special adhesive tapes hanging from the ceiling. But the extermination of insects in suburban homes – the problem is very difficult, because the flies make their nests in insulating material of the roof or of the roof, which prevents to get the design of the building.

The destruction of adult flies is not the main problem – it is more important to destroy their larvae that do the fighting flies is endless.

To destroy the larvae of flies can be not with all sorts of chemicals – mainly used to dry powder remedy for their destruction, as well as a liquid for destruction of the specimens. To deal with the flies in any weather, any time of year, but especially fighting them effective in the spring.

For those who have there are children and sick people, wash your Windows and floors with water to which is added a small amount of kerosene. This will cause the flies to leave the room. If the goal is a bait and extermination of flies, you can add a bit of sugar in a 2% formalin solution and pour the mixture in the saucer. After a meal like flies guaranteed to die.

If you don't want to use chemicals, use the old means to scare away the flies and purchase the flowers of tansy, which secrete essential oils, paralyzing the motor organs of the flies. For a good effect is enough of a bouquet of tansy, or its dried flowers, pounded in a mortar.