In order to get rid of flies in the apartment, it is necessary to eliminate the place of their appearance. Check out the places of storage of vegetables, hard to reach places with forgotten foods, for example, had fallen behind the couch, the banana may well be the perfect environment for the growth of larvae of Drosophila.
The vents close fine mesh on the Windows and install mosquito nets. May flies come into the apartment from neighbors.
Check the earth in flower pots and treat it with the chemicals from insect larvae. Reduce watering plants or take them outside to the balcony. Bowls animal wash and wipe dry after feeding.
Tightly close the trash can and take out the garbage every day, not accumulating it and preventing the rotting of waste. Clean cupboards and refrigerator of all foods: bread, fruits, vegetables, drinks, especially sweet.
Check cereals and flour for the presence of larvae of fruit flies, throw away the affected products. Pour packages of bulk food products in sealed glass or plastic containers to prevent the debate products.
Remove damp sponges, brushes and towels, carefully wipe the tables and work surfaces with a dry cloth, utensils after washing, rinse thoroughly and store in the cupboard. Drain the shells pour with boiling water and the shell wipe dry.
In a plastic Cup with a thick needle, make holes the size of flies, put on the bottom of mashed juicy fruit, tightly cover the glass with cling film. After 2 days remove the glass of the caught flies out of the house and crush capacity along with the insects. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times.
In a glass jar, pour Apple cider vinegar out of paper make a funnel and insert it into the neck. Keep the bottle on the table as long as it does not gather all the flies. In the bottle with Apple cider vinegar flies can't find a narrow passage through the funnel out and die.
Put in a tub of overripe bananas and wait until all the flies flying on the smell. Then rinse them with water from the shower. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.
Use of chemical means of dealing with flying insects, after referring to the user manual.