Do not press on the partner immediately, and do not build grandiose plans for a common future. Be patient if your favorite divorced not very long ago, it is unlikely he is ready to immediately remarry. Don't limit the freedom of men, let your relationship would be easy, but strong.
Some time later, carefully inquire about the past of her love and the reasons for his divorce. Do not ask him a passion, let him tell. Try not to discuss his ex-wife, just listen and take note of the information received. If the gap was the alcohol, infidelity or unwillingness to provide, and to give time to his family, to think well, because this "happiness" may in the future be expected and you.
The presence of children that a man from a previous marriage is one of the most important and difficult moments. Divorce with his wife, but not with a child. Do not covet and do not require to devote less time to children, this could be a big mistake on your part. The other extreme – in that whatever was to make friends and become a "second mother". Select "Golden mean", be friendly, but not Intrusive. Do not insist on joint walks, if you see that child in your community difficult or unpleasant to be in. The children grieved at the parting of parents and often I see the enemy in the new woman his dad. Let your favorite man who communicates with children, eventually they get used to you and the relationship will improve.
If you love a man and want to associate with him his life, do not repeat the mistakes of his ex-wife. Ask what he would like to see the woman he loves. Negative family life experience is too experience. It is possible that your partner has analyzed all the failures of the last family life and made conclusions for themselves. Not uncommon that the second marriage men are much more responsible and serious. Do not rush things, let the relationship develop gradually. Most importantly, the man realized that he is much better than without you. And it is possible that the offer of marriage you will get even sooner than expected.