Advice 1: How to make mirror glass

Today, buy mirror of any size and configuration no problem. However, there are craftsmen who are a pleasure to the process of making familiar products with your hands. To make the mirror of glass in the home, but you need to equip in the room the whole chemical laboratory. Stock up on necessary reagents, vessels, and beautifully carved piece of smooth glass without any flaws.
How to make mirror glass
You will need
  • - Rubber gloves
  • - A piece of glass of good quality
  • - Capacity to prepare the solution and silvering
  • - Tin dichloride
  • - Silver nitrate
  • - Distilled water
  • - Caustic potash or soda
  • - Mel
  • - Ammonia
  • - Formalin
  • - Glass rod
  • - Nitric acid
  • - Alcohol
  • Wat
  • - Clearcoat
  • - Spray
  • Paint
  • - Brush with soft bristles
  • Frame or leaf and clips
Put on your rubber gloves on his hands and rinse the glass with distilled water and crushed chalk on all sides, including the ends. Then treat all surfaces with a degreasing 10%-s ' solution of any caustic alkali (sodium or potassium). Again rinse the glass with distilled water. In the process of making mirrors from glass and hold it very gently over the edges so as not to tarnish the smooth surface.
Wipe the cleaned glass with a cotton swab, dipping it in a solution (1% strength) of tin dichloride. You should then immediately place the glass in a container filled with distilled water. While the future is improvised mirror out there getting wet, clean and degrease the same lye on the vessel in which you will be silvering the glass. It is important to remember that the temperature of the glass surface in water should be 10 degrees higher than that of solutions for silvering.
Prepare two solutions for the coating of smooth glass with silver using only distilled water.
1) Dissolve the silver nitrate (1.6 g) in water (30 ml). Until the precipitate is completely gone, drip in liquid ammonia (25%). Add half a Cup of water.
2) In the flask or other container with graduations to accurately measure 5 mg of formalin solution 40%.
Mix the resulting solutions; put the glass horizontally in the prepared for silvering capacity. Pour the middle glass surface chemical mixture and flatten it evenly using a glass wand. You can lower the glass into the solution so as not to pour the silver to its opposite side. "The mirror" lasts from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the temperature of the working solution.
Put a homemade mirror on edge vertically, leaned against it to support the glass side (silver layer is not yet completely strengthened and can be damaged). Dry the product for 2 hours at 100 degree heat, then let it cool. If the glass showed silver streaks, scrubbing them with cotton wool soaked in a weak solution of nitric acid.
Rinse the mirror in the water, then in alcohol. Sprinkle the cooled silvered mirror layer of clear varnish from a spray. After drying, paint surface darkened. It is advisable to use a wide brush with soft bristles (e.g., bristle fleyts ferret) and grated ocher, diluted with turpentine. However, you can take any other paint. If you managed to correctly do the mirror glass, it remains only to set it in a beautiful frame or a wooden cloth, strengthening clips.
Useful advice
If you have old silver coin, you can prepare silver nitrate with their own hands. Go outside, open the window or stand under the hood – so you can protect yourself from fumes. Dissolve a coin in a silver solution 10%. to remove this compound is copper nitrate, evaporate the resulting solution and the calcined residue. Dissolve it in distilled water – copper settles. Drain the solution, and again evaporate; repeat the procedure – you will only crystals of silver nitrate.

Advice 2: How to make a frame for the mirror with their hands

Before making a frame for a mirror, think about where you will hang your creation. Appearance for your personally made items make the frame fit into the overall decor of the room. To pick up materials for a simple design in a conventional hardware store.
How to make a frame for the mirror with their hands
You will need
  • - wooden frames;
  • rail;
  • - fasteners;
  • - the mitre box;
  • - hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • - colorless sealant;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - PVA glue joiner;
  • - furniture stapler.
Draw on paper a sketch of the future frame for a mirror. Consider whether you want to decorate it, for example, moulded with flowers from polymer clay, seashells, buttons, feathers, fabric, tile or just paint lacquer. In the latter case, it is best to stop the choice on the corrugated casing with a beautiful structure of wood, so she looked through and was emphasized with a clear coating.
Remove the dimensions with the mirror blade and decide how many pieces of trim and rails you need to purchase. Put the dimensions of the frame on the frames and place pieces of wood into the mitre box. Make the cut at an angle of 45 degrees, to allow them to dock at a right angle. Treat wood slices coarse sandpaper.
To fix mirror in a frame in several ways

The first option. Mark with a pencil on the side of the architraves the thickness of the mirror and on the reverse side of the depth at which the mirror comes into the frame. Using a hammer and chisel out the grooves. Where you want to locate them.
The second option. To saw the slats so that they can be glued on the inside of the frames. Guided by the pencil line, which corresponds to the depth setting of the mirror into the frame, put slats on wood or PVA glue "Moment Crystal".
Assemble frame. Fasten it on the inner side brackets from a furniture stapler. Then make the parts from plywood and screw them to the frame corners with screws.
Decorate the frame. Scuff the entire surface of casings fine-grained sandpaper. Now you can cover the frame with varnish or paint. It is advisable to do this on both sides, to better protect the tree.
Swipe colorless silicone sealant around hollowed-out grooves or at the junction of the rack and frame. Insert the mirror and gently push it so it is firmly entrenched in the frame.
Make a fixture that the mirror can be hung on the wall. Saw out of plywood, two small rectangle. Fasten them with screws or screw in small hooks on the back side of the frame. Therefore, you are safer to mount the mirror and will make the basis to which is attached a rope.
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