You will need
  • Caustic potash, silver nitrate, ammonia, formalin, distilled water, rubber gloves, glass cuvette
To create the mirror surface use the technique of chemical silvering of glass. Thoroughly wash and dry the glass surface and then degrease it pyatnadcatiletnim a solution of potassium hydroxide. Heat the distilled water and dip glass in warm liquid. For prepare reagents, distilled water and rubber gloves.
Prepare two solutions for silvering. For the first mix a solution of 1.6 g of silver nitrate with 30 ml of distilled water, and then dropwise in the twenty-five-percentage solution of ammonia. Drip in a solution of ammonia, until the precipitate dissolved. Add 100 ml of distilled water.
Then prepare the second final solution – 5 ml coronarienne formalin solution mixed with the solution obtained in the previous step, and pour the mixture on the glass, previously put it in a special flask or cuvette. Wait for the reaction and after two or three minutes, rinse the mirror with distilled water.
Dry the mirror at a temperature of 100-150 degrees in an upright position. After two hours cool down the mirror and cover the mirror surface with a transparent varnish from a spray.
Apply on opaque glass paint any colour if you decide to make a mirror-like inner surface of the glass. For silvering the exterior glass surface use a special bath with selebrasi solution, into which dips the mirror for 5-10 minutes.
After coating the mirror film lacquer from a spray be sure to dry the mirror in a horizontal position and carefully handle the fragile silver film.