Three main characteristics of financial and economic activities — the number and range of products, and sales.In turn, the volume of production depends on the availability and quality of production capacity, necessary raw materials or components, the available regional workforce, capable of performing certain operations. The number and range of products is very strongly influenced by the market.

In direct proportion to the volume of production is its cost. The more products of one type are produced, the cheaper it will cost every unit. The amount of the product and its cost depends on the amount of profit, profitability and ultimately the financial condition of the company.

Financial and economic activity should be targeted. To be successful, the owner needs to walk a tightrope between what intuition suggests, and sober calculation. There is always a risk to take a wrong decision, and then the result will be completely different from what was seemingly all the prerequisites.

Each company is a complex organism, even if it produces very few products or is small number of services. Financial-economic activity consists of many very different operations. Each must be considered and documented. In each of the financial and economic document reflects the action carried out or the right to it. Financial documents accompanied by the supply of the enterprise, realization of production, activities of individual units, the calculations within the company and SOG of the third-party organizations.

Factors influencing financial and economic activity of the enterprise or organization quite a lot. Not all of them can be analyzed. The most important are the available resources — financial, material, human.

To evaluate the activities of an enterprise, you can use partial or comprehensive analysis of its financial activities. Most often the basis for analysis in certain areas, and complex, are economic indicators, first and foremost is the quality of the products. The object of analysis and economic processes going on in the company, their socio-economic-and financial situation, which is the result.