You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • speakers;
  • - the microphone.
Buy high-quality speakers. The sound card in the laptop and change the map with the functions required to maintain the karaoke. Also to your mobile computer, you can install a software synthesizer, which will make the process of playing a musical accompaniment better.
Purchase a microphone. The microphones are electret and dynamic. Dynamic are characterized by low signal amplitude, and this, in turn, requires a stronger amplifier on the sound card. In electret microphones already built in powerful amplifier. The best option is a wireless microphone. The absence of wires allows you to enjoy singing to the fullest.
Connect a microphone to the laptop. Install the software. Program you can download from the Internet, and you can buy a CD with them. There are many varieties of programmes with different features and functions. Select the appropriate to install on my laptop.
Turn on the laptop, speakers and a microphone. To adjust the volume. Open the program and select a song. On the screen of the laptop will appear the lyrics. There are sites in the Internet that offer to sing karaoke online. There are a lot easier - just choose your favorite song and sing. Sing with pleasure to the delight of yourself and your loved ones.