You will need
  • - computer
  • speakers
  • microphone
Get good speakers. Adjust sound card for a card with features suitable for karaoke or install special software synthesizer.
Pick up a microphone. They are of two types: dynamic and electret. Dynamic electret differ from the lower amplitude of the output signal, which requires a stronger amplifier on the sound card. In the same electret microphones built your amplifier. But it is better suited for singing wireless microphone. Connect a microphone to the sound card and enable the desired input.
Install the necessary software that will allow you to sing at home. These programs can be downloaded on their respective websites or buy. The developers offer a lot of options of programs with different functions and features that allow users to sing karaoke on computer.
Turn on the computer, speakers, microphone, adjust the volume. Locate the program. From the menu, select any song and sing. The screen will display lines from the song. By color or cursor will be marked with the order of the words in the song. There are sites that can offer you singing online. There is even easier - select any song, click the mouse and eat.
Collect audio karaoke files. On the Internet many sites with karaoke, where you can find the software and any copy of the phonogram.
Record your singing to a disc or save in the computer's memory. This is possible if your sound card can both record and reproduce sound. Still need a special audio editing program to record. Use the microphone with wire, as the phone much upset.
With karaoke you can diversify your leisure time to conduct various music competitions and games. Have a great holiday!