You will need
  • - Mount'n'Drive;
  • - Test Disk.
It is important to understand that the physical damage of the hard disk may lead to complete loss of important information. Be careful when handling the hard drive. Pay special attention to the recommendations on the transport of this device.
In case of hard drive failure, try to connect this device as a secondary hard drive. Install the operating system on the new drive or connect the damaged hard disk to another computer.
For this process to use the plumes of the computer motherboard or SATA adapter-ISB (IDE-USB). Turn on the computer. After the operating system wait until the new drive is ready for use.
Download the app Mount''n Drive. This program allows you to access the partitions with a damaged table. This error often occurs when you create a new local disk.
Install the specified application. Open the main program window Mount''n Drive and wait until the complete list is available. Left mouse button select the Winchester, or its specific section that you can't open it.
Tab Mount and select "Mount drive". In the new menu, select the new volume letter. After some time, the system will determine the mounted local disk.
Copy all necessary files from this section. Note that the transmission speed can be much lower than usual.
Similarly, we get access to the other partitions of the hard disk. If you want to restore the volumes table, apply a Test Disk.
This application is designed to restore the structure of the disk from a backup. Note that a wrong configuration of the drive may cause you to lose access to the rest of the local drives. It is strongly recommended before using the program Test Disk to save important files on a separate drive.