You will need
  • Mount'n'Drive.
Most often when working with external hard drives error that is associated with the incompatibility of the format with the Windows system. Usually this problem occurs as a result of incorrect disconnecting the device from the computer. If you are not interested in the information located on an external hard drive, just format the drive.
Connect the hard drive via an existing interface. Turn on PC and wait for boot. Press the Win key and E to open the Explorer menu. Click the right mouse button on the icon of the external hard drive.
In the opened menu, select "Format". Launch the dialog box. Select the format of the file system and specify the cluster size. Click "Start". Reconnect the hard drive to the interface when the format is complete.
If you need to extract information from a damaged hard drive, use Mount''n Drive. Download it from the developer's site. Install the utility and open it.
Click "Scan" and wait until the program will detect the external hard drive. Now click on the appeared icon with the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, select "Mount device". Select the letter that be assigned a local drive.
Now open file Manager and navigate to the contents of the external hard drive. Copy the necessary information the same way you. Remember that the bitrate may not exceed 500 KB/s. This means that the copy process may take a lot of time.
After extracting the necessary files from external drive then formatting. To do this, use the method described in the third step, or special utilities, such as HP USB Format Storage.