One of the biggest problems for PC owners might be a damaged sector on the hard disk. Such sectors given the name "broken", but the hard disk with such damage they say he began to "crumble".

From such injuries depends directly on the ability to turn on/off the computer. If damaged left sector, where the operating system files, PC will not turn on. If we are talking about sectors where are located other files, the user will be able to load the car. Depending on this feature, and select the way to eliminate bad sectors on the hard drive.

What to do

This type of damage, you need to open "My computer" and right-click the desired drive. Then from the options choose "Properties", then "Service" and "inspect". Tick mark the box "Automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attempt recovery bad sectors". Clicking start, the user launches the check hard drive for damage. After the recommended restart PC.

In the second case at hand should be the disk with the virtual operating system or Windows installation disc. To start the computer, the disk must be inserted in the floppy drive and turn on the machine normally. All further actions are the same as described in the previous paragraph. When working with the installation disk menu appears with the option to select "Restore the system". In the result, the hard disk will be checked for bad sectors and found damage fixed.

Special programs

To verify and repair the hard disk using a program running in the recovery console. Itself recovery console can be run without a boot disk. To do this, press the F8 key and choose safe mode command line support. Once the console is loaded, select the partition with Windows installed on it. Necessary to ensure that section consistent with the disk, then enter the administrator password. Once in line you are prompted, enter the name of the disk route and name of the file. Pressing "Enter" the user starts the recovery process.

Thus, checking the" hard disk, you must run the recovery console system and set the command chkdsk c: /f /r. To prevent this trouble just to continue – for this you need to acquire special software, for example, MHDD. Such program will check the hard disk for errors, fix them and "report back" to the user.