You will need
  • computer.
First of all, let's see what kind of information on the disk is not enough. To restore this disk, make restore operating system to an earlier period of work. To do this, click on the "start" button. Next, click on "All programs." Click on the tab labeled "Standard". Find the field called "Office". Now you need to click on "system Restore".
You will see a small window that will be available in two modes. The first mode allows you to create your own restore point, and if all goes well, on the day of the week can be restored. It is also worth noting that all of the files that you have at the moment will not be lost. Data that was a week ago, will be fully restored on your local drive.
The second mode is that you choose a restore point from the list available. It is also worth noting that the restore point is usually created when some event happening on the computer. For example, when installing the software creates a restore point. Select from the list the approximate date, when all data on the disk was in place. Next, click on the button "Restore".
The computer will reboot and will perform this procedure for several minutes. The entire recovery process will be displayed in a timeline, which shows what percentage of the recovery made by the operating system. Once everything is completed, the system will notify you about it and turn the computer on. If all goes well, will be written something like "Restore completed". Check all the data that needs to be on a local disk and backup.