You will need
  • utilities for data recovery
Formatting a hard disk erases all the information. The operating system checks whether the reliable clusters on the disk, marks the bad blocks bad sectors, and creates a record in a table the hard disk. This table stores information about all the files that are written to disk, it is possible to apply to the selected file using its address (which is stored in a table) rather than browsing the entire hard disk to find a file. In other words, this table-the table of contents.
If you accidentally formatted your hard drive and want to recover information, the first thing I remember on this disc is nothing to write. If you write on a formatted drive other files, then restore the previous already precisely will not succeed.
To restore the disk using special tools. Of course, none of them fully does not guarantee a result, but the probability is quite high. Restore files after formatting becomes possible due to the fact that formatting is not cleared the whole disk, and only removed address table files. That is, the files themselves are still stored on disk utility, find and restore them.
File Recovery utility free. This is a very effective program if you need to recover information after formatting. It is easy to understand it can anyone. You need to connect the disk drive to the computer where you installed your chosen utility and then select the data recovery after formatting.
Utility GetDataBack is more effective in comparison with the previous one, but it is worth the money. This is also a very simple program, which, moreover, has detailed and easy to use reference information. The utility will list all files it found on the formatted disk, and you will be able to choose which of them would wish to restore. The program supports the Russian language.
There are other utilities. They all work about the same. This is a very simple program, no one there with them complexity. Utilities downloads from the official sites, torrent trackers or file sharing.
Many computer service centers offer the services of data recovery after formatting. If you fear something to spoil, you can take the disc to a firm, where they will be engaged professionals. Although, to try their hand too.