You will need
  • - the factory packaging of the TV
  • - big box.
An LCD TV is a fragile thing, and the main danger is that you do not accidentally damage the screen. Even a few bad pixels can ruin you the pleasure of watching your favorite movies, not to mention such problems as, for example, a crack on the screen! So be prepared to transport the LCD TV carefully.
Well, if you still have the factory packaging from the TV. Many owners put boxes of equipment on the mezzanine or in the closet, not throwing even the foam fragments packaging. If so, the move to make will be the easiest. Put it LCD TV just as you brought him in.
If factory packaging is not, you can try to look for her replacement. Any big box of suitable size may be very useful. Inside secure the TV so that it does not move freely and does not vibrate during the trip. You can use clothing, towels or something similar.
When the find box is difficult, an LCD TV can be transported without it, but with all the precautions. If you have your own machine, you need to have an adult sat in the back seat (to avoid questions from representatives of the traffic police), wearing a seat belt and was carrying a TV in his hands. If not, you can take a taxi. The method is not the best, but if not – will have to do so.
Try to go not too fast, not to move and not to brake sharply. Install the box with the device in an upright position is the safest position. If it do not work, place the TV matrix up, not down. Make sure that box is not rested against a hard or sharp objects.