Far or near

It is considered that the farther away from the sofa there is a TV, the safer it is for the eyes. It is actually a bit more complicated. Too far and small the picture the harder it will be to consider, many details are not visible. Because of this lost the positive spirit and essence of what is happening on the screen. Too distant images will distract snatches peripheral vision in a room, which can prevent to concentrate on what is happening on the screen.

If the TV will stand too close, it will be possible to distinguish between the pixels, causing the image to lose integrity and become less attractive. Try to experiment, turn on the TV and gradually move away from him. Note at what distance the picture will cease to be visible components of it, this is the minimum distance between sofa and TV.

How to calculate the ideal distance between TV and sofa

Primarily on the distance between a chair or a sofa and a TV is affected by the diagonal of your TV, the sharpness of your vision and the size of the pixels. It is desirable that this distance was not less than three diagonals of the screen.

Sometimes you need to take into account the quality of the image. If the TV is only for watching movies HD and Full HD, it should be put a bit closer, otherwise you might not notice the small details and the difference in quality. If the TV you want to view in normal quality, put it a little further from the couch to the pixelation is not conspicuous and do not spoil the viewing experience. It is better to have the opportunity to move or sofa, or TV.

If the location of these two cornerstones of items will invariably, we choose the diagonal of the TV specifically for available distance: 2-2,9 meter – 32-46-inch, 3-3,5 meters – 47-55 inches, 3.6 meters, and then – 56 to 60 inches. Don't forget about the installation method and height of your TV, ideally, it needs to be so that the eyes of the audience staring into the middle of the screen. If the TV is hanging above or should sit, otherwise you'll have to throw back his head to better see the display.

Trying to choose the perfect for viewing movies at a distance, do not forget about other factors that affect the location of the TV. It should be out of reach sunlight place, away from heating devices otherwise the plastic housing may be damaged and melted, and electronics to overheat. To ensure good ventilation, leave around the appliance at least 10 cm free space.