You will need
  • - cardboard, pencil and scissors;
  • - drill;
  • level;
  • bracket;
  • - box for cable;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • bolts.
Think about additional devices that you want to continue to connect to the TV. Cut out cardboard the layout of the plasma with the appropriate sizes. Ask someone you know to make it to the wall and hold, while they themselves sit as if you were going to watch a movie. This will help you to choose the most suitable location of the TV for comfortable viewing.
Carefully measure and mark on the wall where you want to drill holes. Please note that the mounting bracket requires a solid Foundation. Better suited for this concrete, however, if you have plasterboard walls with slatted frame, do not despair. Use the device to search for strips and be sure to note their position. Check whether there is an electrical cable.
Attach the template to the wall, and then until the point of the mounts were along the rails. Do not be lazy and measure all building level, so you will be able to install accurately. Drill one simple hole and check, did you hit a rail. If you will be difficult, slightly move the sketch to the side. For additional guidance make holes between the rails.
Begin by installing the bracket, just don't confuse the top to the bottom. Gently tighten the screws until they stop. Make sure everything is right you set. Measure the level horizontal position, and only then tighten the bolts.
Very carefully, not making any sudden movements, flip the TV screen down. Put it on a carpet spread on the floor or a blanket. Install the housing mount and tighten bolts.
Ask someone from relatives to help you together lift the TV and slowly insert it into the rails of the bracket. Don't forget to fix this situation. If the bracket allows you to install the plasma at an angle, be sure to verify the slope and adjust it if necessary.
Install duct for cable. This will allow you to hide all the wires. Right under the TV note point the position of holders. Drill the necessary holes and screw all the available details. Carefully fold the wires.
Install the cover of the box, hiding the edges for the TV. Now everything is ready, and you can feel free to invite friends over to watch a movie and ask them to estimate the result.