You will need
  • Graphical editor MS Paint.
Run the GUI editor. In the latest versions of Windows 7 and Vista, simply press Win, to score the pai and press Enter.
Upload the screenshot into Paint. If already saved, simply drag the file into the application window. If the screen is made using the Print Screen button and is still in the clipboard, use the paste operation - press Ctrl + V.
To crop the image, you can use some functions of the graphic editor. If you want to reduce the height by cutting off the lower part, or make it longer due to the removal of the vertical rectangle to the right, you can change the properties of the image. To do this, click on the blue button at the upper-left edge of the program window and select the menu item "Properties". This team is assigned to "hot keys" Ctrl + E - you can use them.
In the properties window of the image, change the numbers in the boxes "Width" and "Height". By default, these parameters are measured in pixels, but you can put a mark in the "centimeters" - these units work best if the screenshot is to be printed. Click OK and the image size will be changed.
The other method allows you to select the exact area that needs to remain on the screenshot. It must be done using the selection tool. Open the menu drop-down list "Select" on the Home tab, and select "Rectangular area". Then with the mouse highlight the area that you want to keep and click "Crop" - it is placed in the menu right of the button "Select". Paint will resize images in accordance with the specified allocation.
You can leave the screenshot is not a rectangular area, and the area of any shape. To do this, instead of "Rectangular area" list button "Select" select "an Arbitrary area". Then use the mouse to enclose the desired area and press the "Delete" button. Paint will first erase everything that remained abroad circled area, and then will adjust the image size to the new size of the screenshot.
Save the edited picture. The appropriate dialog is invoked by Ctrl + S. If you have opened the screenshot from a file, Paint will do without prompting you to name the file and save, and will simply overwrite the original file.