Move the hamster in the cage and watch him for a few days. Find out what time it is active (usually hamsters like to stay awake in the evening), what food he loves. Put food directly on the floor of the cage, so he saw the hand and was used to it. Your hand will be associated with a pleasant – tasty food.
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If you see that he is not very frightened of hands, try not to clean it, and feed the hamster straight from the source. Offer him something yummy – cookies, a slice of egg, cheese or butter. Put food directly on the palm – it will be emboldened and will climb directly to you.
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When the hamster will start sitting on the palm of your hand, gently Pat it with a finger of the other hand on the back (it should not touch your head!). Often talk with your pet to become accustomed to your voice.
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Gradually accustom the hamster to remember. When he would sit in the palm of your hand, gently cover him with the other hand and lift for a few seconds. If the animal is afraid, repeat until the next day. When the hamster gets used, you will be able to carry it from place to place.
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Never take a sleeping hamster, not to scare him. You should not take him back – he needs to see your hand. If the hamster trusts you and you sure keep it tight - let it runs freely on the arm. If you have to move the hamster out of the cage to another place, it is better not to stand on ceremony and hold him tight, otherwise he could Dodge and escape.
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Try not to make sudden movements and do not shout, so as not to frighten him. Frightened, the hamster will hide in the corner of the cage and talking to him is useless – he will never go to you willingly.
Don't be afraid that the hamster can bite. This can happen only if scared or if he lived up to it in bad conditions and not trusting people. In any case, the bite of a hamster wouldn't hurt a mosquito bite, and nothing bad will happen.
Having achieved the trust of a hamster, don't forget about it. Play with him every day at least for a few minutes, otherwise he again wildly. Get him out of the cage, let the opportunity to run the table or on the sofa. Note: hamsters are very unexpectedly able to escape, but to catch them difficult.