Wait. Possibly before the end of the auction item, you put another user of the resource will make a big bet. Under the terms of eBay, when new rates previous one expires. Make sure that you have not installed the automatic update of rates, and not refresh rate alone. It is worth considering the price and the specifics of the product. On cheap popular products such as fashion accessories, appliances, decorative items, always in great demand.
Give in to the opponent. In the case where if the bid is the largest, and the duration of the auction is about to end, you win the item. If after bidding you decided not to purchase it in the first place inform the seller. Write him a private email and ask them to give the goods to the buyer, who bid before you. Show the ability to convince the seller to meet you halfway.
Convince the seller. Another situation, if you are the only user willing to buy a product. According to the rules of eBay, a bid is a commitment to the seller, that is, if you are the winning bidder, you are obligated to buy the product. On the website there is no dedicated button, canceling the bet. The only way out is to negotiate with the seller about the cancellation of the transaction and the extension of the auction. Explain why you decided not to make a purchase, what problems arose, why you hesitated. Sometimes sellers put one item on sale several times.
Leave everything as it is to the detriment of reputation. If you have won the auction and decided not to buy the product, but you can't contact or negotiate with the seller, it can affect your reputation of the buyer. Your page will be information about unpaid item. If for a small period of time you will not pay three or more items, your account will be blocked and deleted.