You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a plastic card of international format, a virtual card qiwi and paypal;
  • - knowledge of English or ability to use online translator.
Order from ebay almost everything. The site has sections "Technology", "health & Beauty", "Clothing", "Objects of design and interior", "Sport" etc. the Initial stage of the website is registration. The minimum age for participation in the auction of 18 years. When registering, you will have to specify the e-mail, mobile number, address (in international format) and to accept the terms of cooperation with ebay. Once you register, you will be faced with the fact that some sellers do not deliver goods to Russia. Do not be sad: the same product can be found from another seller, but with the possibility of delivery. It can be both paid and free. Most cheap goods are sent for free from China, Korea, or Singapore - in these countries the airmail shipping costs mere pennies, so many sellers can easily lure buyers in such a bonus.
To use the services of intermediaries today makes no sense. Had some problems with payment and transfer information about the product. Today, the translated text can be done directly in the browser (e.g., Google). The traditional way to pay for purchases using PayPal. It is an international system of money transfers, which is easy to connect a virtual or plastic card. Virtual Visa easy to make qiwi, after which it will be available for replenishment through a special terminal. To confirm each payment you will be receiving in the mail and on the phone message about payment and amount of fee for using PayPal.
Get ready for that shipping of goods will be long - from 20 to 60 days depending on the country of origin of the goods. Get the parcel you will be in the mail, pay extra for it do not have a penny. If you have a claim on the quality of the purchased goods, you can always complain to the administration of the auction or the seller himself. To do this, click on the button in the top corner of the screen to "Start a debate" and report the claim to the seller. If your requirements ebay will be seen as fair, all the money spent will be returned to your account within a few weeks.