Advice 1: How to get the money back c eBay

The eBay website is one of the most popular online stores in the world. It offers a huge range of products at prices lower than retail. However, it can happen that the buyer will get a low-quality product or vendor will be unfair. In this case, it is necessary to undertake actions for the return of their money.
How to get the money back c eBay
If you receive damaged merchandise or do not get it at all, as a rule, the money paid for it, you can return by opening the case on the website of the online store. However, it is first necessary to try to contact the seller directly. Email the seller and inform about the problem, it is best to do this via the internal messaging system eBay. Give details of what happened, if the item is damaged, take a picture of it and send pictures to the seller. Tell me, what do you intend to return an item, and expect him to return their money.
If you have not received your item, wait for a while, international shipping depending on the shipping method can take from two to three weeks. If the goods are not received, contact seller and ask him when he was sent the goods, whether he has the status of delivery.
Give the seller at least a day to respond to your request. If during this time the seller is not contacted or refuses to return the money, please contact the resolution center of eBay. Go to the resolution center eBay and follow the instructions which will be presented. Consistently answer the questions, and then open the case by pressing the button "Open a case" or by calling one of the provided phone numbers.
Once the case is open, the seller will receive a letter on your behalf with a message about the initiation of proceedings. He will have seven days to give eBay all the information on the sale. If the seller does not respond, the issue will be resolved in your favor, the money from the PayPal account of the seller will be transferred to your account.
If you have received the goods of improper quality or it does not meet the specs, eBay will consider all provided by the seller information. In most cases, if specified by the purchaser the defects are not listed in the product description, the case will be resolved in favor of the buyer.
If the case is settled in your favor, you will need to send the item back to the seller, it should be able to confirm dispatch and delivery. As soon as the goods arrive, the seller will transfer the goods paid for a sum on your account, if not, eBay will make the calculations yourself.
If the result of the case, it turns out that the seller had fully performed their duties and sent you the goods, maybe it was stolen after delivery. In this case, to return the money, likely to fail, and the issue with the purchased goods will need to be addressed with your local post office.

Advice 2: How to return the money to PayPal

PayPal is one of the world's largest electronic payment systems. It operates in more than 200 countries. Within the system is a serious policy of protecting their customers - any person registered in PayPal, can cancel the payment and return the money to your account.
How to return the money to PayPal
Every year through the electronic payment system PayPal are millions of transactions. The system cares about its customers, so the money paid for a product or service, you can always return.


It happens that people buy a "pig in a poke." Sometimes the item purchased does not match the quality, damaged or not delivered. In this case, the PayPal system allows to initiate the procedure of so-called "dispute".

Disputes and claims

To begin a dispute, go to the resolution Center of PayPal. In the course of a dispute, you can communicate with the seller. If the seller's responses you are not satisfied, the dispute is transferred to the category claims, which are engaged directly specialists PayPal. In the case where the claim is judged in favor of the payer, the system returns to the account all paid for the goods money.

To get the money back for the purchased product or service, you need to follow a number of conditions. The dispute in the system can be initiated only in respect of physical products (this does not include programs and other information goods). Payment for the goods must not be carried out by parts - only one payment. The payment term must not be longer than 45 days, otherwise you will not be able to open a dispute. Also there are time limits for claiming - since the initiation of the dispute prior to filing a claim should not be more than 20 days.

If the item does not come in the mail the buyer return the entire paid amount, including funds transferred for delivery. If the item came from, but either damaged or does not match the quality, the buyer paid the whole amount, but he must first send the item back to the seller.

Unauthorised payment

The money to your PayPal account be returned in case of unauthorized payment. If your card was charged money, but you did not consent to this cancellation, you have the option to make a chargeback.

The most comical and unexpected unauthorised payment what happened with a certain Chris Reynolds. PayPal is not copied, and was credited to his account money, and considerable - 92 quadrillion dollars. After a few hours the error was fixed, and Chris has ceased to be the richest man on the planet.

From the history of PayPal

PayPal has been around since 2000. First provided PayPal payments on eBay and other electronic auction sites. Later the system was used for electronic transactions all over the world. In the fall of 2013, Russian citizens can also use PayPal. The only prerequisite for this is the presence of a ruble account in a Russian Bank.
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