You will need
  • check on ebay;
  • - PayPal account;
  • - basic knowledge of English.
When you entered into the transaction, it is automatically reserved for the necessary payment amount. So the first thing to do is to return the money back to your account. To do this, ask seller to refund, he carried out for your transaction.
Now wait for some time. On the implementation of the refund you will receive a message on your account. After confirmation, enter with your username and password in your PayPal in order to check the progress of your transaction. If done correctly, the opposite it should be refunded. Within 3-10 working days the money should go back into your account. Sometimes refunds are granted up to 30 days (depending on Bank).
After the transaction on your ebay account will receive a request to cancel the transaction. But there are various situations and sometimes the system does not send the message. In this case, with a request to send you a request, please contact directly to the seller because the item is in the scope of his interests (return of official duties).
Open a received request message. To confirm you have received it, use the only button . You will automatically be on the next page. It will see two items. Top calls for the adoption of the abolition of the transaction, and lower offers to refuse to cancel and make a purchase. Select the top item.
If done correctly, you will not receive reminders about unpaid merchandise. When a transaction cancellation (refund) without a request from the seller, you will be "hanging" the debt of the lot and the seller will not be able to return to duty. By request, your refusal will be considered official.