Call the Bank discovered the loss of the Bank card. This must be done as soon as possible to card scammers have used. Phone numbers of help services are usually listed on the ATMs. Calls to the banks in such numbers are accepted around the clock.
Explain the situation to the helpdesk operator and ask to block the card. Write down the name of the employee who took the call and time of call. Such information can be useful in resolving disputes with the Bank. If possible, ask them to submit by Fax a certificate of the fact of going to the Bank. Block map you can also using the Internet.
Contact the Bank branch where issued the card. It is necessary to have a passport. Write a statement in two copies on the loss of your card and its re-issue, having received the required forms from Bank employee. Attach to the application a copy of the police report if the card was stolen from you.
Pay the cost of the new card. Remove the money from the account on the passport, if necessary. Find out the recovery time of plastic card. It can range from ten to fourteen calendar days. Some banks surcharge card can recover in the same day.
Come the appointed day for a new credit card. If the lost card if there, bring it to the Bank.
Referring again to the Bank if it was found that from the account was withdrawn the funds for recovery time cards. Write a statement in the prescribed form about the investigation of this fact. On the basis of the application, the Bank will appoint a special Commission to investigate.
Period of fact-finding can be quite lengthy. If it is proved that the funds on the current account was lost in a theft, the Bank will make a refund. However, you must know that in this case, the missing funds are returned not completely, and in the amount determined by the Commission.