Credit relations take effect from the moment of signing by both parties (lender and borrower) of the respective contract. Therefore, even after the entire pre-evaluation procedure by the Bank and spending a few days, you can opt out of the loan until the very last moment, just by signing the corresponding contract. In this case, neither the Bank nor you will not have the relevant rights and obligations and any legal consequences your actions have not.
If you signed a loan contract, but then suddenly changed their opinion and change your mind, you still have the opportunity to refuse the loan. The credit agreement is subject to the rules of article 807 of the Civil code, which deals with the loan agreement. This reference is established by article 819 of the Civil code, dedicated to the credit agreement. In article 807 of GK of the Russian Federation stipulates that the contract shall be considered concluded from the moment of transfer of money. So, if you signed the credit agreement, the respective obligation will not arise until, until you get the money in the Bank or in some other way. However, it should be carefully. If the Bank practises the issuance of credit through the opening of the checking account and transfer the money to him, usually together with the credit agreement to the client to sign and all relevant supplementary agreement on release of the card and the transfer to her of funds that will be confirmation of the fact of transfer of money. Therefore, from this moment begins the action of the credit agreement.
If you entered into a loan agreement and received the money, but you had some events that changed your views on the need of such a loan, the only legitimate way to refuse a loan is the advance to fulfill their obligations. In this case, you need to write a letter to Bank on early cancellation of the loanand prepare the necessary amount that is equal to the balance outstanding and the accrued amount of interest from the date of the last payment.