You will need
  • - Mat.
It so happens that practicing for months, the girl did not see results. This may be due to layer of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, which just isn't visible cubes. First of all, adjust your diet. Eliminate from your diet fatty foods, sausage, prepared foods, cabbage and carbonated drinks. Feel free to go on a healthy diet: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, lean white meat and foods rich in protein (nuts, cheese, legumes). But in order to lose fat, you need exercise, go swimming, Jogging or aerobics.
So, the first exercise is the leg lifts. Lay on the floor Mat and lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. At the same time raise the torso with the legs at an angle of forty-five degrees. On the inhale rise up, exhale take the starting position. Do this exercise fifty times in the two approaches. This use lower and upper abdominal muscles.
The following exercise will focus on the upper part of the abdominal muscles. Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. The legs should be bent at the knees and stand confidently on the floor. Start slowly twist the upper part of the body. The lower back should remain pressed firmly against the floor and your shoulder blades pull away from him. Try to do two sets of fifty times, but if you find it difficult, start with the minimum number of repetitions and gradually increase the pace.
Engage the obliques, to do this, follow the diagonal twisting. To achieve those blocks, it is necessary to carefully bleed the obliques, as they create a kind of corset of the abdominals. Take the initial position the same as in the previous exercise and begin to perform twists, alternately touching your left elbow to the right knee, then right elbow right knee. Do the exercise thirty times in the two approaches.
Do the exercise "Bicycle". Lie on the floor and raise your legs, start to describe circles in the air, as if you are Cycling. Feet repeat movements, as if to tap on the existing pedal. Hands should be behind your head with bent elbows. Pull left knee to right elbow, then right knee to left elbow.