You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership of the apartment;
  • - extract from the house register or a copy of financial-personal account (preferably both, of the document);
  • - the documents confirming the fact that a person who want to write, in the apartment lives (if any);
  • witnesses;
  • - statement of claim;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
It is easiest if the tenant, who is not your relative, he has no objection to removal from the register. For this he needs a passport to go to the passport office at the place of residence or future residence. In the first case, he needs to fill out an application about removal from the register. And the second tear-off coupon to the registration statement at the place of residence.
Contact the court if for any reason the tenant does not want to withdraw from the register itself or could not be contacted, you do not know how to find him, etc. Because the potential defendant is not your relative, you need to prove to the court their ownership of the premises and the fact of registration in this stranger of a man.
Collect the documents confirming the fact of residence in your apartment outside. It is enough to extract from the house register (taken in the passport office of the engineering service, maintenance service, property management company or the FMS - depending on the region) or copy of financial-personal account, which is taken in the management company or the maintenance service. You can take both of the document. They are free for anyone who registered in the apartment, on presentation of a passport. In principle, these documents and the certificate of ownership housing is sufficient, but if desired, and opportunities you can provide the court with additional documents showing, for example, that people in the apartment does not live, does not pay for utilities, etc.
Prepare if you wish a receipt confirming the fact of payment of utility services by you or someone else from the residents.
Talk also, find out which of them has the time and desire to confirm in court that the person you want to write, not live in the apartment. Optimally, if the witnesses be not less than two. It is desirable that they have been with you in the relationship.
Prepare the statement of claim. Describe it, how long they live in apartment, are proprietor of the circumstances under which it was written or the stranger you know that it is written there, formulate a request for his eviction in accordance with article 35 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation. Desire him to give the law a sufficient basis for the decision in your favor. However, you can specify availability and additional lives, not paying for utilities, not involved in the repair, and indicate, what can confirm this: documents, testimony of witnesses.
Take the petition to the court, attaching all documentary evidence and receipt of payment of registration fee.
On the appointed day, go to court and announce their arguments.
With the court's decision if it is made in your favor, contact the passport office.