Start with the outside. Guide to indoor spring cleaning, starting with getting rid of all unnecessary and disturbing. Select of the things that you will not use, even if you value these items as memory or you plan "someday somewhere to attach". If possible, give the extra to family and friends. The rest throw away without regrets.
Arrange things on the shelves and boxes. May they are in sequence so that the most used were at arm's length from the workplace or closer. What you use less often, put away. Teach yourself after use do not leave items anywhere, and to put on the same places which they have identified.
All these preparations may seem senseless and unconnected with the main task, but listen to yourself at the end of this stage: your thoughts are a little clearer only when you look at the updated room.
Get a diary. Write each thought on a separate sheet (or a sheet), and under the main idea – all the interconnecting ideas associated with the completion of the main case. Try to place ideas in chronological order. If you have a lot to cross out and correct over time, keep an electronic diary allows you to keep a clear specific thoughts and to move individual pieces of text without losing clarity. At the same time, you can make corrections after a while.
Remember to relax. People are accustomed to a constant internal dialogue, but it is not always normal. From time to time relax your whole body and mind, focus on hearing, breathing, vision, the world and your place in it. Are looking constantly for some purposes, let yourself relax, especially your brain. Conduct such trainings once a day, for about 10-30 minutes, depending on the initial preparation. During relaxation refuse to consider any, even the most important things. Time will pass and you will be back in working condition, will take up his work with renewed vigor.