You will need
  • cloth;
  • - cotton tape;
  • - Laundry gum;
  • - fringe;
  • - fabric flowers.
Quite often need to update an old floor lampwith fabric shades on the wire frame. Before starting, remove the lampshade from the lamp and remove the old covers. This is best done over a large sheet of paper. Wash the frame and wipe it dry.
Measure the frame and make a pattern for the new covering. If you have a floor lamp with a cylindrical lampshade, measure the height of the rack and the circumference of the lower ring of the frame. Draw a rectangular pattern, taking as the height of the rectangle the height of the rack. The length of the pattern make equal to the circumference of the lower ring of the lampshade.
If the sides of your lamp shade are rectangles or trapezoids, measure them and draw a pattern for a single part. For the complete decoration you'll need to cut out so much parts, how many sides of a frame.
Pick up the fabric for a lampshade. To do this, look through the material that will successfully fit the color of your interior, turned on the lamp and evaluate how the selected tissue transmits light. Shades made of thin fabrics, through which are visible to bulb and the frame, it is recommended to do on the lining.
Cut out fabric detail stitched on the prepared pattern. Add to top and bottom sides of the pattern allowances, sufficient to bend the fabric, and make the drawstring for the elastic or cord. If you made a pattern for just one segment of the shade, add allowances for seams on the sides of the part.
Treat the cut parts lampshade overlock seam and sew them to the sides. Fold the bottom and top allowances inside and stitch drawstring, leaving a small hole through which to devatsya elastic band or cord.
Tape plain cotton tape rack and both rings of the frame. Pull the fabric and insert the elastic in the drawstring. The finished lampshade can be further finished textile or beaded fringe, sew it to the fabric along the bottom of the ring. The surface of the lampshade can be decorated with flowers made of fabric if the style in which decorated the room, this allows.
Attach an updated shade to the front of the lamp.