You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a receipt.
Buying perfume or perfume, try the fragrance on the blotter and on skin. Do not purchase perfumes on the run. If it turns out that it doesn't fit you or cause allergies, back to the store will not accept it. Perfume and other perfume and beauty products refer to products that are not subject to return provided that they are of good quality.
Without leaving the counter, check the expiration date of perfume – it is listed on the package. Shake the box – brand perfume is packaged securely. If there's something rustling bryakaet, ask to replace the perfume. It should do, and if you find that the box is dented, plastic film, which she covered, torn, and in the lower part of the observed streaks. You can change the perfume and even to cancel the purchase until the payment is made. Paying, do not forget to check.
Arriving home, unpack the bottle and carefully read it. On the glass there should not be scratches and chips, the lid should be tightly fixed on the bottle and easy to play with him. Check the continuity of labels and the transparency of the content. Muddy sediment in the bottle, a suspicious shade of the liquid, oblessa sticker is cause for suspicion. Check out the pump. If it doesn't work, or spirits flow, pack the bottle and return it to the store – you obviously sold a defective product.
Write an application for refund in duplicate to the Director of the store. In the paper, drawn up in free form, describe the purchase history and state list of their claims. You may request to exchange the goods on similar or to return the money paid for it. A copy of the application, leave the seller, the second will ask you to leave a signature certifying the receipt.
If the store agree that your claim is justified, the exchange of perfume may be held immediately. But if you prefer a refund, keep in mind that retail outlets are doing it very reluctantly. You may require a passport and a receipt, and in some cases – to take the defective goods for examination. If you agree to leave the bottle in the store, ask to give you a receipt certifying this fact.
You can carry out the examination and on their own, turning to an independent specialist. If your suspicions about the poor quality of the goods is confirmed, the store will be obliged to return you the money paid for the examination.