When using ATMs the main difficulty is not the withdrawal procedure, and the ability to fall for certain tricks of swindlers. Carding, or unlawful use of data of foreign credit cards, banks causes annual losses in the billions of dollars. If abroad, the man who became a victim of the carders, yet can prove his innocence and return the stolen money in Russia not to remain extreme in a situation of fraud is very difficult. That is why using an ATM should observe all precautions.
The procedure of withdrawing cash at ATM is very simple. Inspect the ATM, the receiver card is located on the right side, usually at the level of the monitor. Place the card in the right way: the magnetic stripe should be down and to the right. Insert the card into cardprint, it will be captured and dragged into the ATM. You will then be asked to enter a PIN code, type it on the keyboard under the monitor and press the Enter button. Be careful not to make a mistake when entering the PIN-code is a triple error will lead to the blocking of the card.
If the secret code is entered correctly, you will see on the screen, available options, ranging from checking balance to produce money. Select the desired option – for example, withdrawing money. To do this, depending on the type of ATM you have to either click directly on the touch screen to the required row, or on one of the buttons next to the monitor in front of the selected value.
The picture on the screen will change, you will be prompted to select the withdrawal amount. You can choose one of the preset amounts or enter your own. The selection is made by pressing the corresponding line on the screen or the buttons next to the monitor. After selection you will be asked whether to print a check. Better verify that, because the presence of a check will save you from any surprises. The receipt will indicate the number of the ATM, taken amount and the one that is left on the card account.
After confirmation, the ATM will give you a card and starts counting money. Don't forget to collect your card! The money will appear in a special tray at the bottom of the ATM. Note that if you're within about 40 seconds of not taking the money, the ATM will take them again. The same applies to card – if you do not take it in for 20-30 seconds, it will be drawn into the ATM.
Working with ATM, be sure to observe the safety rules. Inserting the PIN, ensure no one is standing behind your back and not spying. It is strongly recommended to cover the numbers with your palm, this will protect you not only from the banal voyeuristic, but tracking with a miniature video camera that scammers can install on the machine.
Try to use the same ATMs, thus remember them. In particular, be sure to note how the receiver card and the ATM. Scammers can install on cardprint skimmer – a special device that reads information from the card, and on the keyboard to put your, invoice, storage keystrokes. Be careful, and you never will fall for such tricks.