Advice 1: How to withdraw money via ATM

Plastic cards today is the majority of Russians, and getting cash on them usually is not difficult. However, before using the ATM for the first time, it is necessary to study a number of simple rules, which allow surgeons to make transactions.
How to withdraw money via ATM
You will need
  • - debit or credit plastic card;
  • - PIN card;
  • ATM.
Place the plastic card into its receiving slot face up. Microprocessor card you need to insert a chip ahead, and the card with the magnetic stripe positioned so that she was on the bottom and on the right side. You can also focus on the location of the logo of the payment systems Visa or Mastercard: it needs to be closer to you. On the screen of each ATM always have pictures explaining exactly how to insert a plastic card. When done right, the unit draws the card inside. If you made a mistake and put the plastic card into the ATM incorrectly, nothing bad will happen: the device will simply return your card and offer to repeat the operation.
Select the device interface. Click in front of the selected language for communication with the ATM, for example, Russian or English. Further, the ATM will prompt you to enter a PIN. To do this, enter 4 numbers on the keypad and confirm by pressing the "ENTER" key. The PIN code displayed on the ATM screen as asterisks. The erroneously entered digit can be cancelled by pressing the key "RESET". If you make a mistake while entering the pin, the system will inform you and return the card.
Open internal menu of the ATM, and the system will prompt you to select the required operation. View account balance by pressing the corresponding key. If you want to withdraw money through the ATM, press the "CASH" and start typing the desired amount. Next, the system asks whether to print a receipt confirming the transaction. It is better to answer in the affirmative to have documentary proof of cash withdrawal. In addition, the receipt prints the amount of funds remaining, which allows to check the correctness of the transaction.
Fraud with plastic cards is not uncommon, so try to withdraw money only in devices located in the premises of the Bank or big shopping Mall. If the ATM cannot be found, make sure that others see what PIN you type. Never during withdrawal do not take help of strangers and be sure to count the amount issued to you ATM.
Useful advice
Remember that all the ATMs have a limit one-time cash withdrawal. For example, "your" Bank you can get up to 40 bills at 1 time: for example, 40,000 rubles thousand bills or 20,000 rubles in 500-ruble. So, if you need big sum, then the procedure should be repeated several times. In ATMs of other banks are daily limits on cash withdrawals, the size of which ranges from 2 to 15 thousand rubles.

Advice 2: How to withdraw money from accounts

The possibility of withdrawing money from your checking account depends on whether it is linked to a plastic card. If available, two methods are available: 1) at any ATM;2) at the Bank.If no card, the only option is to go to the cashier of his Bank.
How to withdraw money from accounts
You will need
  • 1) plastic card and PIN when removing money from an ATM;
  • 2) passport and a pen in the renting of money in the Bank;
  • 3) if you withdraw cash from credit card at Bank, may also have to present it to the cashier and enter the PIN code on a special device.
If we have a plastic card one of the international systems (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners Club, etc.) to our services with the best opportunities. To use the money within the account balance and credit limit, if available anywhere in the world where there is a cash machine.Come to the ATM, insert card, enter PIN, select the option to "Remove (or get) cash" and enter the desired amount within the available on the account and cash advance limit ATM.
To remove money from your account you can also in the cashier of the Bank. Unlike ATM, other credit institution is not the answer. Will have to contact the branch of your Bank. In the office, including when using the card, fees may apply - an average of 1-2% of the withdrawn amount.
Some banks may require before going to the cashier to fill in a special form for withdrawal. But more often, it is sufficient to show the clerk your passport and the plastic card and call the desired amount. And then sign the documents proposed by the cashier and receive money.When withdrawing cash from the card at the Bank, you may need a PIN. His client enters into the device next to the cashier window.
If no card, only a Bank account, withdraw the money only at the Bank. Most credit institutions make it at any branch or office where there is a ticket office. Some only branch where the account was opened, sometimes next to him.
A set of documents that you must show the cashier, depends on the Bank. If clients are issued a document, which reflects the movement of money in the account (for example, live with Soviet-era savings Bank), it needs to be presented along with the passport. In other cases, you need only a passport.We pass to the cashier (if necessary, wait your turn, live or electronic, depending on the Department), give the documents to the cashier called the amount, sign and get the money.
Most banks give customers the opportunity to manage their accounts via Internet banking. In this case, if the card account is not linked, you can use Internet banking to transfer money from it into your map in the same or another Bank and withdraw cash since it is.
Worldwide ATMs and the people near them are the object of attention dishonest public: pickpockets, swindlers, robbers. So not to be redundant standard precautions.

PIN code dial only when you are sure that it does not see outsiders. Insurance cover the keypad with your free hand.

Money and wallet in a hide, without departing from the ATM.
If possible, try to use ATMs that are located indoors, where the blocked entrance to outsiders.

At the sight of suspicious persons near the ATM, especially in deserted places, better look for another and do not demonstrate intentions to use it.
Useful advice
It is most advantageous to withdraw money from the card in ATMs of the credit organization which issued it. Most banks do not charge a Commission for this. Exception card with a credit limit. Although you are usually free to withdraw money until then, until you start to spend your credit limit.
Some banks can be mutual agreement about the interest-free use of their ATMs by clients of both banks.

ATMs have a withdrawal limit per transaction. Usually from 7500 to 20000 p. In Bulgarian ATMs with a foreign card you cannot withdraw more than 400 leva (about 200 euros) per day. Limitations can be in other countries.
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