The ATM does not give cash

If after the identification procedure you have not received cash from the ATM, do not hurry to get upset. The situation in this case can be three - the money is not deducted from your account; the operation was successful, but neither the check nor the bills themselves you have not received; or you have received a report allegedly of the transaction on paper. In the first case it is better to pick up the card and find another ATM.

Second – take the check and call first your Bank or to the organization which owns the ATM. The operator will need to report a problem, call the transaction number, the ATM and the address where it is located. Immediately after the call, visit the nearest branch of your Bank and write a corresponding statement about the incident.

Check if you have not received, the algorithm of action will be similar. Pay attention to the messages of the ATM screen. It is better to photograph on a mobile phone. When writing an application be sure to show photos employee of the Bank. Optionally make a statement of your account as confirmation that the funds have not paid or not credited. The evidence in this case may be an ordinary check.

If the ATM took notes, but did not enroll them on account of – action algorithm will be similar. Please note that one call to the Bank is not enough to resolve such a situation. To expedite the process of refund is possible, as a rule, only a personal visit to the Bank branch.

What is the process of refund

If you encounter a malfunction of the ATM and the money left in it, then immediately prepare for the fact that the procedure of return of funds will not happen instantly. After the written statement will need to wait for some time. The maximum of such procedures can take up to 45 days.

The refund is carried out only after ATM encashment. On the basis of provided information and presence in ATM extra bills, the money is either credited to your account or provided to you in the cashier of the Bank.

Another important point – in ATMs sometimes there are technical glitches of the system, because of which all operations are carried out in slow motion. It is therefore necessary to wait a while before calling the Bank. It is likely that in a few minutes the visible failure of the bill will still go to destination.

The process of refund may take a long time if after collection in the ATM does not show the extra amount. In this case, the Bank obtains security, and verification is carried out carefully. Sometimes cardholders have to go to court to speed up the process.