You will need
  • - passport;
  • card "Svyaznoy-club", or Visa credit card "Svyaznoy-Bank";
  • - credit agreement.
Please specify by phone of the information center of the program "Svyaznoy-club" the address of the nearest centre of mobile communication "Svyaznoy", which is available repay the loan. In the country more than 2500 points. They work every day, including weekends and holidays.
Contact the nearest centre of mobile communication "Svyaznoy", taking with him a passport or other document certifying your identity and the credit agreement. Complete the application and present to the operator on map "Svyaznoy-club" or credit card Visa "Svyaznoy Bank". In the case where such cards you do not have to register and registration card you can use the mobile phone number, passport and the credit agreement.
Enter the loan amount through the cashier or payment terminal. Through the terminal, you pay the same as any other payment. Click on the screen name of organization with which you signed the credit agreement, then enter the number and amount of repayment. Make it into a special hole for money on one bill. Always wait for when the machine will print a receipt about the payment and save it until then, until the loan is paid in full.
Subsequent payments will not take much time to do this, you only need a map and a passport, because payment data are stored in the system. Paying the loan again, you will not have to dial the number of the contract in one name acquired in a loan product. Tell the Manager that you repay the loan, for example car. You can check how much money was made earlier, not to be mistaken with payment.
To pay the loan in the "Connected" without a fee is possible, if it is decorated in banks "Tinkoff Credit Systems" and "Moscow Credit Bank" (except for residents of Moscow and Moscow region). Without a fee you can replenish the Deposit with the Bank "Renaissance Credit". In this case, the initial registration specify the number of the Deposit account specified in the loan agreement. For other payments you will be charged a Commission of 1%, but its amount will be not less than 50 rubles.