Exchange points "Svyaznoy-Club". Accumulated points can be exchanged for points other programs. First, you can convert them to points "Transaero Privilege" program, this program allows you to pay for air travel. The conversion rate is 350 points "Svyaznoy-Club" 1 point "Transaero Privilege".
Secondly, you can exchange them for points "MTS Bonus", according to 30 points "Svyaznoy-Club" for the 1st operator. Received points you can pay for communication services and the Internet to make purchases in mobile phone stores.
Thirdly, it is possible to redeem points "Svyaznoy-Club", "Oki" social network "Classmates" at the rate of 150 to 1.
Use points to receive discounts in shops, pharmacies and cafes. To do this, before payment of the invoice or purchase, you must present the salesperson or the waiter on map "Svyaznoy-Club" and ask to cancel the existing points.
Network of shops "Magnolia." When you pay for goods you can use the card "Svyaznoy-Club". Every 100 accumulated points match one ruble in the amount of the check, i.e., to purchase goods in the amount of 100 rubles you must have on the card is 10,000 points.
Shops "AGA Automag". You can buy products for automobile, automobile cosmetics, spare parts and to pay part of the purchase points "Svyaznoy-Club". Keep in mind that the discount cards and other programs in this scenario do not apply.
The network of pharmacies "Rigla". You can pay no more than half the amount of the receipt points "Svyaznoy-Club".
The network communication salons "the Messenger". When you purchase goods, you may use accumulated points. Program does not apply to repayment of loans, payment of services, purchase of gift cards.
Cafe "Wabi-Sabi". Credited and written-off points are not available in all cafes, the addresses can be found at the official website of the program.
A network of coffee houses "Shokoladnitsa". Here you can get a discount up to 99% of the check amount, if the accumulated enough points, the conversion rate is 100 points for 1 ruble. Keep in mind that the program does not work in some coffee shops, the list is available on the official website of the program.