You will need
  • pharmaceutical remedies for head lice;
  • - oven;
  • - iron
  • - indexically drugs against crawling insects.
Pediculosis refers to the threat of parasitic disease, lice can be carriers of typhus and relapsing fever, so if you find live insects or nits, begin immediate struggle is aimed at their destruction.
Contact the sanitary epidemic station where you can buy special products for the rapid destruction of lice, or to the pharmacy. To fight with head and pubic lice are used ointments, lotions and suspensions; "Nittifor", "Spregal", "Pair Plus", "Sumithrin", "Medifax", "Pedix", "Phenothrin", americna water and 6% boric ointment.
Apply onto hair so they were very moist, cover with rubber cap or plastic bag, after 1 hour, rinse with water using shampoo. Some products work for 30 minutes, so before use, read the annotation that is enclosed in a box of each tool.
In one application with special pharmaceutical you deal with lice and nits without any problems. Must be treated all family members. If insects are discovered in child care, necessary to carry out the processing of all pupils.
To quickly deal with a lice, wash all clothing at high temperatures. Mattresses, pillows, blankets turn for treatment in the sanitary anti-epidemic station, where they will be deep fried in a special Cabinet or remove the frost if lice appeared in the winter.
Clothes carefully iron with a hot iron, paying special attention to the seams. The apartment guide cleaning with the vacuum cleaner and solution with a chlorine-containing means. If body lice were many, treat the entire room indexicality drugs destined for the destruction of crawling insects.
All things to remove yourself, treat, be thorough with the soap. In subsequent observe strict rules of personal hygiene to body lice never came back up.