Advice 1: How to quickly get rid of lice and nits

Lice – blood-sucking insects, parasitic on the skin of the hair and in the seams of clothing. Lays eggs that are firmly attached with special adhesive glands. To get rid of parasites quickly, you can use pharmaceutical drugs, drugstore presents in a wide range.
How to quickly get rid of lice and nits
You will need
  • pharmaceutical remedies for head lice;
  • - oven;
  • - iron
  • - indexically drugs against crawling insects.
Pediculosis refers to the threat of parasitic disease, lice can be carriers of typhus and relapsing fever, so if you find live insects or nits, begin immediate struggle is aimed at their destruction.
Contact the sanitary epidemic station where you can buy special products for the rapid destruction of lice, or to the pharmacy. To fight with head and pubic lice are used ointments, lotions and suspensions; "Nittifor", "Spregal", "Pair Plus", "Sumithrin", "Medifax", "Pedix", "Phenothrin", americna water and 6% boric ointment.
Apply onto hair so they were very moist, cover with rubber cap or plastic bag, after 1 hour, rinse with water using shampoo. Some products work for 30 minutes, so before use, read the annotation that is enclosed in a box of each tool.
In one application with special pharmaceutical you deal with lice and nits without any problems. Must be treated all family members. If insects are discovered in child care, necessary to carry out the processing of all pupils.
To quickly deal with a lice, wash all clothing at high temperatures. Mattresses, pillows, blankets turn for treatment in the sanitary anti-epidemic station, where they will be deep fried in a special Cabinet or remove the frost if lice appeared in the winter.
Clothes carefully iron with a hot iron, paying special attention to the seams. The apartment guide cleaning with the vacuum cleaner and solution with a chlorine-containing means. If body lice were many, treat the entire room indexicality drugs destined for the destruction of crawling insects.
All things to remove yourself, treat, be thorough with the soap. In subsequent observe strict rules of personal hygiene to body lice never came back up.

Advice 2: How to get rid of nits

Such a delicate issue as pediculosis, can arise in almost each person. And it does not depend on hygiene. For example, in public transport you can easily pick up this infection. Themselves to get rid of lice is easy. But then the question arises, how to get rid of nits? Because control of larvae of these parasites are a real problem.
to get rid of lice

Lice attach their eggs directly to the hair at its base. Due to the fact that as soon as the young lice hatch, they almost immediately can start to eat blood, as it were beside her. Lice attach their eggs pretty firmly to the hair, so it is not enough just to wash my hair and shake the hair to remove nits. But to solve the problem of head lice it is necessary to first determine the type of lice and nits, and then to begin treatment.

What are the nits and lice

вши и гниды

These pests can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Pubic lice can appear in the intimate area, eyebrows and the beard. Call this view still plomino. Pubic lice are the smallest members of his squad. They can't jump from one person to another. Infection them takes place by direct contact. Most often it is an intimate relationship. One louse lives about a month and during this time manages to defer up to 50 nits.
  2. Head lice — the most common type of lice. It's habitat — the hair of the head. The head louse lives for about 40 days and lays about 140 nits. To get to the head louse can by using combs, hairpins and other hair care products of an infected person.
  3. A louse lives in seams of clothing and bedding. Though she is not on the person, but the mention of this species is important because body lice feed on human blood.

How to get rid of lice and nits

To destroy pubic lice, you have to simply shave off all the hair on which was discovered the lice. Nits are quite hardy, so the shaved hair should be burned. Then the apartment then it will not crawl the new generation of crabs.

In order to get rid of body lice and nits, it is necessary to boil all the clothes with soda. And if some things can't be treated by high temperature, it is possible to take them to the dry cleaners.

How to get rid of head lice and nits

избавиться от вшей и гнид

If in the other two cases, the procedure of destruction is pretty simple, with the appearance of lice and nits starts a real war with pests.

Initially we need to get rid of lice. This can be done with the help of medicines sold in the pharmacy. There are also people's ways of dealing with lice and nits. For example, treatment of the hair of the head with kerosene. Importantly, the tool does not get into the eyes.

The feature of the nits is their ability to endure the most powerful means of killing lice. Yes, many nits will die from medication, but some can survive. And after 10 days they hatch and start a relapse.

Therefore, after processing by means of destroying lice, you need to clear the hair of nits. If the lice came from the boy, the easiest way to shave your head bald. For girls it is an extreme measure.

In order to get rid of nits for long hair, take a comb or a comb with frequent teeth, hair and newspaper. The newspaper will fall nits, so we need to expand it around the infected. Now you should spray it with conditioner so combing procedure was easier. You need to carefully comb the entire head, simultaneously inspecting the hair for presence of nits. For this it is best to take the middle hair strands and comb them carefully. if some nits are not removed with the comb, you can easily remove them by holding the hair just above nail and gently descending to the bottom. NIT will follow under the pressure of the nail down until you fall on the newspaper. So you need to treat the whole head.

To prevent the recurrence of head lice, you need to conduct a second treatment in 10 days.

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