Usually these insects in the house bring small children from kindergarten and schools or camps. Very high risk of Contracting lice in areas with large concentrations of people and the common areas (swimming pool, or open water, like rivers. That is why all you need to know how to deduce the lice and what measures to take to prevent this disease.

In pharmacy, the pharmacist can offer a lot of variety of sprays, shampoos, and ointments for wound healing. These tools can help not all, before they find suitable. May have to try more of them.

In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, there are many ways of removing lice with folk remedies.

Cranberry juice will help very effectively destroy lice and nits. To achieve the effect required within ten days carefully applied to the scalp the juice obtained from two handfuls of berries.

Americna water is an effective remedy for lice. RUB the solution into the scalp, paying special attention to the occipital part and region behind ears. Leave for a few hours, then rinse thoroughly so as not to irritation of the skin of the head. This tool can be applied once a week as prevention of the lice, as the smell americnas water deters these insects.

You can also mix onion juice and garlic, and then thoroughly RUB the mixture into the hair, this composition of the lice and nits die.

Plant extracts of herbs such as tansy, cloves, mint, geranium, tarragon or cypress are also very effectively fight head lice and destroying nits. They need concentrated solution and RUB well into the scalp and leave for a couple of hours.

Anise oil, in addition to the destruction of lice, very wonderful relieves itching and has a positive effect on hair structure.

After any of these manipulations, you must carefully comb out the dead lice and nits. Folk remedies will definitely help with the appearance of lice, if the disease is at an early stage and number of insects reaches global dimensions. In case of not achieving the desired result, be sure to consult a specialist to select more powerful tools.