Clean the beets from the skin and rinse. Clean raw beets follows the principle of the potatoes. Wash the beets after cleaning necessary to ensure that small particles of the earth (they may not wash with peels) were not included in the finished dish. Crunching land on the teeth, you will agree, not very nice.
Chop the beets into strips. Cutting it on the combine in the nozzle. Shredder on the combine, perhaps the most simple and quick way to slice the beets and not dirty. Can be used for cutting ordinary grater or a grater for the type of "Cinderella" with mounting for vegetables. You can chop the beets by hand.
Put diced beets in a steamer. Boil it for 20 minutes. Since a steamer is not exactly a ticking clock, set the timer for 30 minutes for accuracy.
Look at the beets in the steamer if it was translucent at the ends, so she's ready (or rather, slightly overcooked, but there is nothing to worry because the nutrients are cooked in a double boiler vegetables are stored).
Remove the beets from the steamer and use as directed. For example, you can prepare salad with prunes, salad with garlic or the famous herring under a fur coat. You can be sure the beets are ready and it has kept all its useful properties.
Wash the cooker immediately after the transfer the beets. This vegetable, usually drains a lot of juice in the bottom pan of a double boiler. If you leave it for a day, it can turn sour, and the kitchen will be an unpleasant odor. In addition, the warm beet particles much easier to remove with the steamer than cold and frozen.
Don't be afraid to cook beets in the steamer. Change your habits, since cooking beets in a saucepan uncomfortable and very long. Don't experiment and cook the beets in the steamer whole. The time for boiling will take a lot, but mid to end may do not boil.