The network "Schoolmates" all requests for adding in "friends" displayed in the "Alert". Open your page in a social network and find "Alerts" in the top menu. Directly on the icon will display the number of new or existing applications friendship. Click on this icon and view the list of users offering to become friends. Under each of these users you will see the "Ignore" button - click it if you want to cancel the offer of friendship.
Navigation network "Vkontakte" are arranged in another way by all friendship requests are saved under "My friends". Open your page in the social network and select in the left menu section "My friends" and then "Request friend". The screen will display a list of users who send you a request for adding friends. If you want to abandon one of the suggestions, press "Reject" on the contrary. Functions network "Vkontakte" it is also an opportunity to cancel their own requests for friendship. If you decided to become friends with any of your friends, click "Outgoing request" in the tab "Applications to friends" and click on the "Unsubscribe"button.
To cancel friend requests in a network "My world", created within the open your profile and click on the tab labeled "Friends" to the list of "All friends", "Friends" and "Offers friendship". Select "other" and in the opened window click on "Unsubscribe" next to the user that you are not interested in the other.
As for the network Facebook, cancel friend requests is even easier. Click on the icon with the image of two men in the upper left corner on the page and select "Not now" next to applications from unwanted user.