Change "Vkontakte"

When you subscribe to all updates will be now in your news feed. Also, your updates will appear regularly in the news for your subscribers. Subscription from supplements to friends is different because the subscription is not vzaimosoedinenii process, and the person to subscribe to you will not have your consent.

Some users are not entirely pleased when their news are signed by the people they do not know, especially those that do not even want to meet ( this can be, for example, ex-boyfriend, new girlfriend-boyfriend or boyfriend girlfriend). And spammers, which is now fully, not really you will be pleased with his presence.

Ways to remove unwanted subscribers

Official ways to remove subscribers "Vkontakte" does not exist. But there are some devious of which at least one should definitely help. First, you can try to politely ask the person to unsubscribe by writing him a message. Or you can leave a message on the wall, which will be addressed to all your subscribers. They will then see your message in their news feed and some of them will be removed from among the subscribers.

However, to guarantee that unwanted subscribers just from you unsubscribe, of course not. Not everyone will notice your message. Spammers usually ignore your request, and some people you do not even want to write in order to avoid communicating with them. And if it's large enough to write each of them separately would be quite a tedious pastime.

Fortunately, there is another suitable option. It is possible to cut access to subscribers to read your personal information. To do this, go to the menu item "My Settings", then open the tab "Privacy", which has the ability to make visible part of your information to friends only.

Is this method one drawback. You don't quite manage to close the access of subscribers to your data on the page, some information will still be visible.

Remove subscribers can also by adding them to your blacklist. To do this, on the page where the subscribers are, just hover over the avatar of any person and click the little cross top right. After that, a window will appear which will confirm the entry of subscriber in this list. The person now will not be able to send requests for friendship and to watch your page, additionally, it will not be visible among your subscribers.

If you for some reason decided to remove the person from the blacklist, you need to go to "My settings", find the user and click "Remove from list". Note that after you remove from your blacklist, the account of the person again will return to the list of subscribers.