After the baby is born, he begins to lose weight. The reason for this is the birth of stress, the process of adaptation to life outside the womb, as well as the output of a large number of original cal – meconium. This process lasts a few days. During this time, the baby loses 8-10% of its original weight. You will be able to be discharged from the hospital only after will start positive dynamics – i.e. the numbers on the scale go up.
At first, the weight gain of a newborn is assessed not in a month, and during the first weeks. On average, it should add about 150 grams. Remember to weigh the baby preferably on the same scales, at the same time. For the first month the norm is considered "fat" at 600 grams.
For the second and third month the baby should gain another 600-800 grams. Further rate can be calculated by the formula: rate = increase in the previous month minus 50. For example, if in 3 months the child has gained 800 grams, then in 4 he gets 800-50=750 grams.
Remember that gaining weight infant is uneven. For example, one month the baby will be fine at 450 grams, and for the following – 1 kilogram. In the end, the two-month rule will be met.
From about six months old a child will add an average of 300-400 grams per month. When he turns a year, the weight of the baby should be about 10-12 pounds.
If weight gain is not as intensively as necessary, to determine the cause of this will only a doctor. To recover or not to recover at all baby maybe because of the various diseases. For example, due to gastrointestinal problems, dysbiosis, lactase deficiency or protein intolerance cereal. In this case the child has a broken chair becomes a liquid, frothy, with undigested pieces of food, pain in the abdomen. If stomach is all right, it is possible to assume of metabolic disorders.
But more often poor weight gain due to the fact that the baby is not enough mother's milk or formula. If you want to know how much the baby is sucked out - weigh him before and after feeding. The difference compare with the developed medical standards of consumption.