Ideal weight three child

To find out how much should weigh a child in three months, you will have to look at the numbers that are displayed on the electronic scales, and on the increase. For example, if a baby was born weighing 3.4 to 3.6 kg, with proper nutrition and the development of his body weight in three months should achieve at least 5.5 kg, but not more than 6.6.
Every month a child under one year should ideally collect from seven hundred grams to one kilogram. Of course, if there are no other prescriptions of the doctor.

Child's weight also depends on the physique of the parents, that is, of heredity. Of course, if your family are all slender, you do not wait for child fast set of weight. These children are usually recruited from 600 to 900 grams per month. It is not necessary to sound the alarm if the increase was more or less the norm, because every child is a little individual organism that evolves as it is convenient. Of course, you can try to correct the situation and start to feed the baby more frequently or less frequently, change the diet to more fat or Vice versa. But do not forget that the three months starts on the first bait of the baby, and perhaps she will correct the situation in a better way.

Monitor your baby's weight helps monthly consultation with the pediatrician. There at each visit your baby weighed and measured his height.
In case of severe abnormalities, the doctor will give you necessary recommendations.

A deviation from the norm

A deviation from the norm 6-10% is considered normal, because the baby's development is affected by many conditions. Deviations from the norm by 11-18% is already serious, but do not immediately panic. Consult your physician, maybe it's temporary and due, for example, with the transition from breast milk to the dry mixture. All deviations above 18% is considered hazardous. If your kid is precisely such a case, you should immediately contact a pediatrician and a physician nutritionist. Your child can develop obesity or degeneration. But experience is not necessary, in the early stages it can be avoided, while referring to a specialist.

To avoid problems with excess weight or excess, you should carefully monitor the child's diet and introduce solid foods gradually. Do not dramatically transfer the baby to another diet without consulting a doctor. Choose only high quality products for the first feeding, it is advisable to cook them yourself.